Museum Express Science Shows

Museum Express aims to deliver affordable high quality science education to primary schools in the Hunter and Central Coast regions.

All its products are curriculum linked and connected to the Museum's exhibition program to ensure they are relevant, engaging and outcome focussed for schools.

Museum Express is an outreach program presented by a qualified teacher.


A marshmallow bazooka, slime-haired skull and bike pump rockets are just some of the awe-inspiringly cool things kids will see in the highly interactive Museum Express Science Shows.

Brilliant Bodies

With a little help from our friends, this show looks at what it means to be human, how to stay alive and how to be a super athlete.

Explosive Pressure

With bike-pump rockets, liquid nitrogen and marshmallow bazookas, this show about pressure will blow your mind!

Light Fantastic!

Welcome to the Museum Express Light Fantastic show!  It’s illuminating…and enlightening and well - quite brilliant! 

Sweet Vibrations

With a laser didgeridoo and a Polar Bear song, this show gets young toes tapping and brains drumming about the science of sound.

Planet Earth

With volcanoes, earthquakes and a giant globe, this show explores the science of our planet.

Poetry of Motion

With balloon helicopters, jet powered skateboards and over 300kmh leaf blowers, this show about flight will get you off your seat and into the air!

Power to the People

With solar-powered cars, flour-flame balls and a game of the Kilowatt-hour-is-right, we explore the science of energy, electricity, and explosions.

Science Friction

With curious transport experiments, a vacuum hyperloop network and the Museum's own drone, this show explores the science of friction and the future of transport.

Science of Slime

With goopy hair, oobleck eyes and slimy brains, the Science of Slime show will disgust your students, but in a good way.

Resources for Teachers

With a belly full of mudflat crabs and a side serving of ants, the bar-tailed Godwit can fly 11,000 kms in nine days. It's the longest non-stop animal flight on earth

Science by ME

Watch Daisy and Pez try some good old fashioned fun science experiments you can do at home (and annoy your parents!).