Friday 8 July - Sunday 31 July 2022

Unabbreviated is an exhibition of local LGBTQIA+ creatives working across a variety of artforms, mediums and practices. 

Unabbreviated showcases sexual and gender diverse people and aims to focus on the creative practice of the individual, it does not attempt to classify or address the entire queer experience. The exhibition celebrates creatives that would not usually exhibit together in this context.

It is still necessary to acknowledge people around the world, who are not afforded the same rights. To exist outside the norm is the ultimate rebellion.

Unabbreviated showcases an incredible line-up of local and emerging creatives:

Teddy Stein • Joel Jeffery • Lucas Grogan • Ashlee Jedrzejak • Kait Fenwick • Liana Goninon • Lisa Ellen Hughes Chris Brown • Kitty Chrystal • Nicola Ford • Jasmine Fletcher • Mia Peters • Bonnie Grace-Dwyer • Claire Cousins • Kate Teal-Spicer • Bronte Naylor • Tegan Kinder • Emily Lloyd • Kalani Hurst • Alyssa Salamon • Jess Jones • Rosie Scanlan • Lilly Jackson-Fowler • Oliver Vincent • Shannon West • Kira Ann Phoenix •

Unabbreviated was curated by Jasmine Fletcher (they/them), a non-binary artist, graphic designer, founder and event producer of Queer & Now.

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  • Admission to this exhibition FREE


Newcastle Museum
6 Workshop Way